Ling Shao 









Principal Investigator

    Prof. Ling Shao

Postdoctoral Researchers

    Dr. Li Liu
    Dr. Lining Zhang (co-supervised with Dr. Hubert Shum)

PhD Students

    Yi Zhou
    Bingzhang Hu
    Yuming Shen
    Daniel Organisciak
    Chirine Riachy
    Shidong Wang

    Bo Dong (co-supervised with Prof. Alejandro Frangi)
    Redzuan Bin Abdul Manap (co-supervised with Prof. Alejandro Frangi)
    Yawen Huang (co-supervised with Prof. Alejandro Frangi)
    Yang Long
    Ziyun Cai

Former Students

    Feng Zheng (PhD, 2017): Visual Data Association: Tracking, Re-identification and Retrieval
    Mengyang Yu (PhD, 2017): Feature Reduction and Representation Learning for Visual Applications [Thesis]
    Li Liu (PhD, 2015): Learning Discriminative Feature Representations for Visual Categorization [Thesis]
    Fan Zhu (PhD, 2015): Visual Feature Learning [Thesis]
    Di Wu (PhD, 2014): Human Action Recognition Using Deep Probabilistic Graphical Models [Thesis]
    Ruomei Yan (PhD, 2014): Adaptive Representations for Image Restoration [Thesis]
    Simon Jones (PhD, 2014): Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Methods for Human Action Analysis [Thesis]
    Xiantong Zhen (PhD, 2013): Feature Extraction and Representation for Human Action Recognition [Thesis]
    Muhammad Mubashir (MPhil, 2011): A Study of Fall Detection: Review and Implementation